How About Exploring Oursleves A Bit ?

Ashima Garg
Jul 25, 2019   •  53 views

Writing down my thoughts by shaping my imagination into words has always been the most astounding thing for me to do.

It is like a rescue to my problems and helps me to deal with them.

Whenever I do not know what exactly is the reason of my sadness, or if thousands of thoughts are rushing in my mind, I start writing without thinking, just whatever comes in my head, it not only calms me down but also helps me to find out exactly what is causing me this trouble.

I know it might sound obscure to you, but try expressing yourself through your writings, I hope you will get the clarity as I do.

Writing is something that comes to me naturally, I do not think of topics but anywhere anytime, if a good thought comes to my mind, I just pen it down.

There are many approaches through which one can express oneself-by speaking, through music or dance, through paintings or writing. But it is very crucial to express, keeping inside all your thoughts would just make you feel suffocated.

Once you connect with yourself, know what gives you happiness and what make your sad, how to express yourself, then, you will be able to deal with the circumstances very efficiently.

I have been writing since I was in seventh grade, I started with writing poems, then quotes, then short stories and now mostly articles.

I feel I have evolved over these years through my writing.

This is what expressing yourself does, it helps you grow.

Of course, many people might not be having an interest in writing, but expressing yourself can be done in so many different ways.

Have you ever seen a child, making a drawing of his family with him in between holding the hand of his mother and father, it expresses how he loves his family.

Every art form has a story behind it, waiting to be discovered.

It is truly amazing to see how some people love paintings and take out so deep meaning by looking at the painting, which, maybe you and me not be able to.

Imagination and expression are like the golden keys to self-exploration.

I love writing and it helps me tackle my problems, similarly, everyone must figure out, what is the best way through which they can express themselves and which can help them in their growth.

Because we can spend whole life pleasing others and at the end regretting it, or we could discover ourselves and understand ourselves better.