The world is a mystery. You get what you didn't wish for and don't get the one you did for.

In this getting-wishing process, we come across a few unexpected things. Often we don't know that we really wanted them or not. But sooner or later, we feel contended that they crossed our fate.

It can be as small as a lecture getting canceled or an unexpected guest at your house.

Speaking of my experience I recently encountered, I and my family were planning a trip to Paris, which, because of some reasons couldn't happen. I was really sad and upset when one day my father calls and tells me we are going to Bali. I might not have been so happy if it would have been a pre-planned trip, but this news coming all of a sudden made me so much happy and contended.

They say every coin has 2 faces. I say it's up to you which one you like. Going to a Bali trio may not be that happy news for many, but for me, the news coming like this was one of the happiest things.

We often judge people, the world is judgmental.

We might judge a person who gets happy if he has a good sleep last night, not knowing maybe he might be suffering from insomnia.

We might judge a person if he gets happy seeing the clouds and the mountains out of a window train and getting excited, not knowing maybe that's the first time he is able to have a vision.

The amount of happiness a thing can cause isn't constant. It varies, it varies with people.

We expect so much that we ignore at times the unexpected things that come our way. Craving for happiness from that one single source, we close all the other doors. And sometimes we ain't left with any. I would like to ask you all, 'Why to restrict your happiness?'

Searching for happiness isn't bad, but not welcoming the ones coming towards you, that's also not good.

Sometimes we don't realize what's coming our way and when they do, we feel sad.

So instead of regretting later, why not welcome it with open hands and accept what we get and also at the same time not stopping to wish for some more.

We are humans, we have wishes, dreams, aspirations, and want all of them ain't bad. But along with this, accepting the other source of happiness is just like a cherry to the cake.