Internship As A Promoter In Colgate

Asgar Hussain
May 06, 2019   •  98 views

Hi, I am Asgar Hussain studying M.B.A in P.B.Siddhartha college of arts and science.
I joined as an intern in Colgate for promotion of their products at Big Bazaar. I worked there from
30-4-2019 to 5-5-2019.

Here are some Experiences that I want to share with you.

About the Job :

Explaining the offer to the customer

First of all I thought that the role of a Promoter is just to push the product to the customer by some motivation and make him to buy the product by mentioning the specifications, discounts, offers, cash backs etc., But in reality it is more than that. We have to display the product in an attractive way so that the customer can easily pickup the product.

The facings of the product should be placed in such a way that it can be clearly visible to the customer.

The shelf has to be segregated according to the type of the product.
Based on the Share of Shelf value the products have to be arranged.
FIFO (first in first out) the products have to be arranged in that order in the shelf.
Finally at the End of the day the sale report have to be submitted.
These are some of the tasks of a promoter.

Share of Shelf

The Consumer Behavior

The promoter role is a challenging field.
Every Consumer is unique. Every customer is important. It is better to retain an existing customer than trying for a new one. Colgate uses this strategy by giving different offers to its customers. And always try to improve its market share. We call it as Share of Market.

Some of the offers like Buy One Get One, Buy Two Get One, discounting on M.R.P etc., these concepts will attract the customer easily.

There are some customers who will maintain a constant relationship with the product these are known as Loyal Customers they will use Particular products only. Motivating them to try our product is a challenging task. They even refuse to take free samples also even though we have to make our trails.

Most of the consumers will be tempted by offers

Some by Quantity,
Some by Number of Tubes in the pack,
Some by savings valueetc.,

What I have Leant here?
Got to know how the sales are done at the ground level.
Different types of consumer Behaviors.
The strategies behind the offers on the products.
Got to know about the customer buying behavior
Learnt about the share of shelf, share of market
Got to have some knowledge about The Talkers, pop (Point of purchase) tags.
The role and responsibilities of a Promoter.
The product mix of different companies like HUL, P and G , Dabur , Sensodyne ,Oral B etc.,

Talkers or POP

Feed Back
It’s a good opportunity given by Colgate for students like us where we can understand the FMCG industry directly by working in their project. It’s a hands on experiencefor us which enhanced our skill of understandingthe pricing strategy, consumer behavior for different pricings. I would definitelylike to associate with Colgate if there is any opportunity for me in Future.

Thanks to Ajay kumar sir, Ramu sir andSurekha mam whoshared their knowledge with me and cleared every doubt of mine.

From Left to Right : Ajay Kumar, Satish , Asgar

I am very Thankful from the bottom of my heart to Ajay Kumar and Colgate which have given me the opportunity to work with them and to gain some knowledge regarding the FMCG industry specially Colgate.

Always Keep Smiling : )

With Love from Asgar