The Beach , The Icecream And Us!!

Arvind Sekar
Mar 12, 2020   •  12 views

“Naan endra sol ini vendam , nee enbathey ini naan thaan” 

We decided this plan exactly two days before ! I know you wanted this badly and suggested at first place 😘 i was happy to take you there again… ❤️

I didn't know you would like to sit and talk for hours and hours in a bus stop..   ❤️😘  and observing people look at us ?

Soo the cab came I held your hands and crossed the road.. which you liked it.. and sat in the cab.. the conversation was subtle kind of smooth funny way.. just reminiscing about the week , late night conversations. 

When we compared our fingers first time you felt good .. and yeah you did look absolutely gorgeous ! As always. 

Your eyes i mean Jesus, what are they !  They eat me alive … sometimes i always feel they communicate precisely than your mouth.. now don't be urrr muaaaah 😘chumma sonen di kanaazhagi.. 

Once we got down there, we found a spot to sit.. (before that when i helped you with slippers you blushed )  so knowing i will expect so much for you to talk all that matters to you is a dog that yawns cow that walks joblessly a kid that burried himself into sand ? And what not ? 😂😂😂 

After buying the icecream! You fed me first.. soo that time it was like you idiot i don't want to wait fir you to feed me let me do it myself 🤩🤩🤩!! 

When i spotted the shadow and wanted to capture it.. you loved that ! Cos what i felt our shadows became close when we'rent closely sitting which supposedly is right ! And there on and it's going to be ever after.. I think our shadows overtook us ? ❤️😘  

My heart stopped when you leaned over me and spoke.. ❤️ period. 

You refused to say not even a single thing i tried to pull out.. You are a mystery i don't want to crack it but I'll fail intentionally everytime all day forever to keep you intresting ! Sometimes I always feel the explicit and the implicit makes a good combo where in the implicit has lot of indepth than the explicit.. 😘  you are soo intentionally implicit ❤️ love you. 

We moved onto the temple! There you go these people sometimes are cool.. you know why ! They make us feel like celebrities.. 😂 From the time we stepped in you followed me.. quietly without talking to me .. our eyes spoke ❤️ more than anything ! What chemistry.. ❤️🤩 people at our back where burnt down with it 😂😘

Soo when I lite up the lights i asked you to do the first.. and you liked it ! Rest i did.. it was for you and for us ! But what i prayed i cant say.. time will reveal it Maeve. 

When we clicked our pic in the temple, you heard my heartbeat ? That's how i feel everytime you look at me..🤩❤️ that will be forever..

After we went back to beach, we got our attention back 😂😂  When i spoke to you regarding the work loads and how to manage stuff you held my hands and felt comfortable ! 😘 You had hope.. the falling sun, sea and you ❤️ 

Here comes the fun part..  you punished me for uttering a unknown words which was said unintentionally..  and refused to give me a hug ? I mean how mean ! 😂 Thanks to those couple or else it would whole day long.. finally i got an complete hug ❤️ from you. 

When I planted my kiss onto your forhead.. things changed for the day ! Your entire body language changed.. i know from the time we boarded the cab till McDonald's nee disturbed ah iruntha after I said i am going to continue and not goin to study you were happy and guilty don't be guilty ! For me you are precious.. ❤️ i think i explained you this in person.. and in call. That's when you hugged me tighter.. sooo period.  I wanna cherish you the rest of my life ❤️ you know when i thought about changin my mind is only when you asked when I'm leaving twice !! I know you will miss me.. I don't want that to happen.  I will not let that happen. At any cause 😘😄 udaney solatha nee mind voice.. movie dialogu adikatha papa nu.. eruma. 

After reaching McDonald's One instant is all I remember is when i came down the way you saw me.. next birth you be Arvind and see how it feels for you ❤️

The final cab came.. you went down.. you know it's only ten to fifteen mins left . You didn't make eye contact turned your face aside.. you didn't talk updated the OS in the phone ? All that you said to me ! Is by falling over me.. completely ❤️ that made me to skip my heartbeat and still you said your sleepy !! When i played veyyon silli ? When i played nenjukkul peidhidum you didn't say anything than looking outside ? 😒❤️ 

The final hug you gave me ? It was incomplete you crumbled inside knowing the day is over ! You didn't want me to go ! As i again repeat i will never crack the mystery in you .. ❤️ its wat keeps us goin.. and it will always be 🐣❤️

The time you fell over me all i felt is

“ Na endra sol ini vendam , nee enbathey ini naan thaan.. inimelum varam ketka thevai ilai ithu pothum veru engum sorgam ilai, uyiraaeey.. nee paartha paarvaiku nandri” ❤️🐣

Yours 🐣❤️