Easy Bella Ciao Guitar Tabs Single String

Arpit Mittal
Apr 27, 2020   •  928 views

Bella Ciao from the famous Netflix web series Money Heist also known as La Casa de Papal is trending at number one globally right now. This beautiful melody as composed and sung by the mellifluous Manu Pilas has been recreated and reprised using the different exotic instruments. The melody hails from the EDM genre and has been penned down in the Italian language. So here we present to you the Bella Ciao guitar tabs. The single string guitar tab of Bella Ciao is B. The other guitar tabs are e and B. The guitar tabs are very simple and easy and can be played fluently by the beginners as well.

Bella Ciao single string guitar tabs provided here are both verified and accurate. The melody has been played in a fast paced tempo with a signature 4/4 beat. The song was aired in the first season itself in 2017 but still sounds afresh as the morning dew keeping us enthralled by its charms.

Bella Ciao Guitar Tabs Single String


Bella Ciao is an extremely groovy song with some finger snapping beats. With a lot of crests and troughs the music runs with some happening beats endearing all of the listeners. The melody is extremely addictive and the chorus is too catchy. This number is not just any random song but is a symbol of unity and solidarity. This folk song was originally performed by the workers in the late 19th century at a protest. This track in English means Goodbye Beautiful and the meaning is quite metaphorical. The video of this song is a delight to watch as most of our favourite characters from the series perform this musical piece.

Video - Bella Ciao Single String Tabs