Whenever I come back home late and when I am walking through the neighborhood, I hear dogs Barking and howling. Man, I get shit Scared of it. Anyway , It got me thinking, Why do dogs bark at night.  

when searching on internet I did not find any good reasons. So I am giving you some reasons in this topic.

1. Dogs are territorial.

Dogs are very territorial animals. They have their locality divided to each groups. Other groups are a big No No in their territory. So at night when by mistake or intentionally some dog go tho another one’s locality then the barking and howling starts.

2. Dogs are free Watchman

Dogs are naturally guarding in nature. If they see something or someone unusual at night they will bark at them. That’s why dogs are very useful for your locality. So next time when you see a dog, don’t shout at them, Let them be their own. 

3. Saw some Prey

Stray Dogs are evolved from wild dogs, so they have strong praying  instinct. If they see any movement or here any sound which encourages their praying instinct. They will bark on them.

4. They are Bored

Dogs are very energetic animals. So if they have not much thing to do, they get bored, Barking and Howling is their way to release the energy. It’s like a fun activity for them.