Why College Is The Best Place To Try New Things?

Anusha Viswanathan
May 12, 2019   •  15 views

Hey! You are wrong , school was the best place in life, how can you come to this conclusion? Well this is something that will run ineverybodys mind. Well school is the best place but college is the best place to try new things. Back in school there will always be a set of students who will represent everybody, every art form and we would have missed out on so many things either we are scared of that group that calls themselves elite or not want to get into trouble.

Well it is time to knock that down. As you get out of the school shell and walk into the college life, you meet new people. These new people don’t know you or your character, you can be yourself, they don’t know your back story also. Here you can be free to do and try new things. Do it. Get into that competition,learn that skill,attend that workshop,go to that movie. How long are you planning to keep yourself secluded thinking about what others will say. People don’t mind in college, they will accept your complexities,weirdness, grow and mature with you. Be the person you wanted to be, don’t like someone’s behavior tell them, want to try dancing,singing, etc do it. Go on that solo trip, do that theatre performance that is calling for you,take that vacation. JUST DO IT.

After you graduate, the entire concept of vacation ceases to exist. Every vacation from now will matter,money will come into play. So do it now. Think about your next big dream in life, set up the ladder to go reach that goal. Yes, you can do it, you are loved, and have everybody’s support with you. Have faith in yourself, be the real you.



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