From Where To Start This Life Again..

Anurag Singh Aakash
Jun 08, 2020   •  8 views

In need of doing something great and to encourage the younger soul of the nation, I was still struggling to find some way to begin my journey.

One fine day I woke up in mid of my sleep and started thinking of starting my life once again, but this time not for myself, but for this humanity, for the nation and for my parents.

“No one knows when this life will expire. So before expiring do something worthy.”

These thoughts were constantly marvelling in senses and forcing my soul to come up with some idea. which can really make some influence on mankind.

It's really hard to sleep in nights when your mind and spirit have a conversation with each other. And they both program to do something great but still not ready to share with the mind.

So let's hold up till the conversation ends up…

Stay tuned we will meet shortly with the findings of mind and soul.

Thank you.

Anurag Singh Akash