In today's dynamic world , where people are always on the edge of their seats , always under immense work pressure , one of the main qualities they lack is being HEALTHY and FIT.

One of the main reasons being , neglecting the importance of being fit and healthy. Health and fitness is crucial in order to handle the day to day responsibilities as well as being ready for the longer run of life. There will not be a single human being who would want to risk his life or would take his existence lightly by being unhealthy and unfit.

Especially in the 21st century , where the need of being healthy and fit is extremely necessary , where the work you're doing needs you to be healthy and fit. That's how work demands and work standards have gone high. The ethics have always taught us about the need of being fit and healthy. Take a simple exercise or an intense workout , everybody is aware of their caliber and capability of taking the strict regime in order to be fit and healthy.

A 20 year old can lose a race to a 40 year old. Living example being the Ex Indian Captain , M.S Dhoni.

Well , talking about setting standards in health and fitness , one such name that pops up in everyone's mind is Virat Kohli.

The Indian Captain has taken fitness to a whole new level. Following a particular diet , hitting the gym everyday and what not. He has given people a ray of hope by letting them know the importance of being fit and healthy. He has not only been a youth icon but an inspiration for ages to come.

This example is one of the biggest and greatest in terms of fitness and health that inspires many people of the country and across the world to be fit and healthy for a better tomorrow. It makes them realise the importance of being fit and healthy.

In this advanced world , where the pressure of doing better than ever before only INCREASES which each day passing by , where the difficulty levels are increasing , where multi tasking has to be done at any cost , it is now a necessity to be fit and healthy.

Individual's should take this as "The Wake up Call" inorder to manage one's work pressure and work load with no difficulty.

Every individual should work hard for that "Extra mile" or that "One More Rep" ( This is in the context of Gym ).

That one extra mile or bit of hardwork will only give them good results.