Magnum Opus - The Festival Of Art.

Anurag Mallick
Feb 09, 2019   •  4 views

Magnum Opus is an artexhibition showcasingdifferent art forms. It is hosted by the department of Animation Design every year for the time span of 2 days at Loyola Academy ,Old Alwal which is located in Hyderabad.

Thefest beinga two day fest , has a lot to watch out for the audience. The highlights ofthe event that usually hai the audience's attention are the clay models and the 3D Modelling. Thereare other events such as chalk carving and Best out of waste.

The other exciting competitions that are conducted are On spot painting and designing your own can.

The chief guests for the event are usually famous 3D modellers who conduct workshops and share their experiences with the students. The chief guest of the event for the previous year was MR. Dilip Kumar. He has won the Oscar award for the best VFX for the movies LIFE OF PIE & GOLDEN COMPASS. He has also been the head of the VFX department for the movieFAST & FURIOUS. On being asked his thoughts on the fest , He said“IT SHOULD BE DONE ON A REGULAR BASIS”.

Many schools are also invited for the event. One such school that was invited the previous year was "LITTLE GRAMMAR HIGH SCHOOL." The kids were very excited to see all the art work which was put up there and were very happy to see some of their cartoon characters being clay modelled.

The students of the department are usually very excited to see the audience , especially the first years , being their first time experience of the Fest.

TheHOD ofthe departmentMR. BHASKAR RAO , a prominent artist showcased some of his paintings , the previous year and also told about the past experiences regarding the fest. He told that the department has organized the fest for the last 10 YEARS and that the first edition was held in the year 2008 at the COLLEGE CANTEEN.

He stated that its been growing every year and that every year only gets better because the students show much more enthusiasm and interest.


The event usually ends on a high with any of the cultural group performing for the students and all the other people who are present to witness the event.

PHOENIX , The city's best band had performed their original compositions which usually lets the crowd on their feet and head banging for the last hour or so. This usually leads to the conclusion of MAGNUM OPUS , A 2 day art Bonanza which is held at Loyola Academy , Old Alwal , Hyderabad.