Glamour, Grit And Lively Culture, All About Berlin!

Anshika Bhatnagar
Apr 02, 2019   •  39 views

Being the Largest City and the Capital of Germany, this city is considered to be the second most populous one in Europe.

It is the world city of Science, Media, Culture and Politics. The economy of this city is based on convention venues, creative industries, research facilities and high tech firms. Berlin can be described as the home to world recognised museums, universities, entertainment venues and sports events too. It is increasingly becoming popular for International Film productions too.

Berlin was divided into two parts after the War, East Berlin and West Berlin. The Eastern and Western powers here are separated by the “Berlin Wall”. Now after visiting this place, you will only find remains of this wall.

I’ve picked a list of few best places so you can definitely have a look at them and get the basic idea of Berlin.

The Brandenburg Gate: It is the most famous historic landmark symbolic of Unity and Peace.

This gate stands 26 meters tall being used as a backdrop for many public events. It also plays an important role in our “Festival of Lights” by illuminating building across the city with spectacular displays of art.

The Rebuilt Reichstag: Being the home to the German Parliament, this building has been magnificently reconstructed. If you wish to explore German History then the best place to experience it is here.

A UNESCO World Heritage site “Museum Island” where you get to see one of the oldest and most important museums like Old Museum, New Museum, Old National Gallery and the Bode Museum which displays the largest sculpture collection from medieval times to 1700 century.

Charlottenburg Palace and Park: This primary residence of German royalty has been beautifully restored and is a place to visit if you wish to look at beautiful 50-metre high dome made here.

Berlin's largest squares “Gendarmenmarkt” which features three most important landmarks as the Konzerthaus, the French Cathedral and the German Cathedral (Deutscher Dom).

Konzerthaus is popular for its symphony orchestras. The interesting fact about this place is that in front of this building, there is a statue of a famous poet Friedrich Schiller surrounded by four ladies who represent the Artistic elements of Lyrics poetry, Drama, History and Philosophy.

You can also visit other museums in Berlin as Topography of Terror which was the prison of Secret State Police, Pergamon Museum which has three main galleries, the Middle East Museum, the Islamic Art Museum and the Antiquity collection.

Berlin Cathedral church is the largest church in Berlin, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is Berlin’s most interesting landmark as it serves as a War Memorial.

For those who love to go shopping, I have good news, there are plenty of great areas to go shopping in Berlin like Alexa, Kurfürstendamm, Hackescher Markt, Mall of Berlin, Friedrichstrasse and many others.

For satisfying your gastronomical tastes, you can try Currywurst here, you can also try Döner Kebab (meat filled in Slices of bread). Berliners have this great tradition of putting a mustard-filled donut in the pile of jellies calling it Pfannkuchen.

A city which is as old as 775 years has much to offer than just a vacation, dating back to 13th century, it is one of busiest metropolises of today’s time and has a lot to tell with its cutting edge architecture and vivid culture!