Mamma Mary,

How sweet you are!

Born as Holy Virgin,

Brought up as God's servant,

Bearer of the Almighty's son,

Who dared to sacrifice him, Jesus Christ

For the sake of redeeming us.

You smell like ROSES.

Your words taste like HONEY.

Your presence makes us HAPPY.

Interseder of ALL,

Help us grow in the Divine nature.

You come to us ,

Whenever we call.

You hear us,

Whenever we cry.

Be with us always,

Help us to follow your path,

Dear MOTHER!!!

This is my first WRYTIN. Bear with the errors. Wished to dedicate my first piece of work to MARY, MOTHER OF ALL. Hope you'd love reading. Keep in touch for future updates.



                                             Written by:

                                             Ann Mary Reilly A