The Dog Sitting At My Next Door

Anjali Singh
Mar 18, 2019   •  30 views

This dog is so kind that he never forgets to sleep in the day time
This dog doesn't have a room to explore his private mind, he is homeless
And sit next to my door every time

Life for him is like charity with no disgraceful event
Sometimes he gets food and sometimes not
but he never minds
Just close his eyes and sleep to my next door with empty stomach line

You can call him with endless name
His name changes with your love giving him frame
Love is all that he searches every time
One wheat is enough for him if you give him with all your love kind

He doesn't know what you speak, but your kind gesture is enough for him
There are thousands more like him
Sleeping on the streets every night
Winter, summer he feels all that
But one useless blanket of your can help him a lot
I am having one of those thousand dogs
Who,sleeps next to my door !!!!

He is not my pet but I allow him because every night he waits for him to wish me luck for endless days of my week