Communication is the key to a healthy relation. A place where there is no communication, the bond withers away and it cannot stand the seasonal changes of life. Communication helps on building up trust and faith. A small talk that you might initiate with someone can make his day and you may not realize that. Few words that you share with the right person will help you forget all your problems, and it will also give you the right amount of courage that you need, to face your everyday problems.

Without proper communication and socialisation life becomes boring and dull. It will be no surprise if you get restless and also lose happiness in the way. The more we communicate, the lesser burden we have on our shoulders to carry. If we commune lesser, we will have to keep the feeling inside which will lead to depression and pain, a pain which might not be visible outside but which will eat you from within. Communication makes us more cheerful and happy and one can easily spread happiness if he himself is happy from within. It should be noted that the more we talk to people and the greater we interact with them, the more happy and cheerful we stay.

Sharing your feelings with your closed ones, be it your parents, or your sibling, or your friend or partner, all these sum up to a better line of communication which helps you in getting away with all thenegative feelings that you have stored inside you. This communication lessens the burden of your heart and you feel free. Indeed it is important to communicate when things are wrong between two people. This is because sharing your thoughts with one another will help in understanding each other in a better way. It helps in empathizing and seeing things through each other’s perspective.

Lack of communication is harmful. It will not affect you physically but will have a high impact on your personality. This lack of interaction is a major cause for depression. Nowadays the competition is higher and so each and every one tries to pull their opponent down. In this competitive world it is very difficult to stay focussed on your goals and this could make you feel down, but at the same time if you go and talk to someone, you definetly feel good about things.

On a separate note, words also comes with the power to influence. Sharing the problems and the difficulties you face in your day to day life will also show others that everyone has their own bad days, and these days are meant to go away. Every cloud has a silver lining, and just like that, all problems will also end, with a bright view ahead.