The Best Santa Trains Rides Part 1

Anisha Yadav
Nov 23, 2019   •  14 views

Many of us as children had thought, of meeting Santa Claus. Well I never got to meet him. But, even as an adult, I'd love the chance to meet him. But before I go, let me take you on wordly journey and a practical guide so that you can travel without any hassle. These train rides are ideal for both honeymoon couples and children's.


1) A Train to Christmas Town

Yes you heard that right. There is a train too,based on the famous book of same name by Peggy Ellis. You board the train at Stanhope Station. This train is specially designed to fill you up with the spirit of Christmas and to make sure that this spirit has a long lasting effect on your year ahead. Interactive entertainment, festivities with new characters, this ride is worth enjoying with your family. So the journey begins at Stanhope station. Once you reach there, you can collect your tickets or they also have online booking available in advance. And then you'll be asked to wait in the lounge while enjoying seasonal delights. Here you can enjoy a gift shop by Weardale Railway and an Olde World Sweet Cabin. Maybe you can grab a bite of sandwich or anything you like and have something hot to drink. Some of the choices to drink and eat include Christmas stew, pulled pork , a hot dog, hot chocolate etc. If you have children with you then it's the best to leave them in children's corner where they can either post letter to Santa or maybe write a message for the Christmas tree.


After this the conductor makes a call " All Aboard" , you'll be asked to take a seat in the magical surrounding created by elves and caroling. And from here you begin your way to pick up Santa.

Entering a Christmas Wonderland


Once you have boarded the train, the music begins as the train leaves the station. And the elves and the conductor will start with singing, dancing and storytelling. They will also introduce you to many new characters taken from the book A Train to Christmas Town and you'll be served delicious refreshments in the most sophisticated possible manner. So while you wait to meet santa you can dip in a chocolate chip cookie in Double thick hot chocolate. If you happen to be in premium class then you'll also receive a cup as memory of the train. And as you move ahead you'll be singing and dancing along on your favourite Christmas songs.

Before you know it you'll be on Christmas Town, and this is the moment where Santa boards the train with gifts not just for children but for adults too. Oh! And the conductor will also punch your tickets, so keep them handy.

The prices of the train ranges from € 15-25, depending on season. For premium class you need €45. And for children it's €11- € 20.