Billions of people are searching billions of things every day on search engines like Google and Bing. Out of these billions of people, we want to reach out to our target audience. This task if we estimate in our minds, is daunting. This where SEO comes to save the day.

There is a high probability that you already have a vague idea about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You might have heard it in passing from a colleague or could have stumbled upon the word in an article you read. If not, then a quick Google search will most likely bring out a definition saying that SEO is a “The process of affecting a websites or web pages visibility in a search engine’s unpaid results.”

However, this definition (or any other than you find online) doesn’t help one answer questions related to business, like:

·How to find out what the target customers are searching for
·How to optimize the web page for these target words
·How to make the website accessible to both, humans and search engines
·And, how to link websites to one and other

SEO makes achieving all the above possible. In other words, it can help drive more relevant traffic or leads to your website which can lead to an increase in sales and ultimately an increase in profits and revenue. Let’s see what how exactly SEO can help our businesses flourish, by looking at some SEO benefits.

·Inflation of Traffic
With optimization and correct keywords, SEO can help increase targeted traffic to your website(s). This simply means that relevant audience will find you with more ease and little effort.

·Unpaid Advertisement
With an increased rank in search engines, the need to invest in paid advertisements can be reduced. This can help to invest in other aspects of business for growth and expansion.

·Customer Awareness
A customer is more likely to visit the website, if the SEO ranking of the website is good. Thus, good SEO can help spread awareness among customers and build a trust worthy relationship with the business entity (People tend to trust the websites in the top search results more!)

·Powering Startups
In an industry dominated by giants, it can be difficult for small scale businesses and startups to make their mark. However, with investment in good SEO or an effective SEO strategy can help these small businesses to attract more traffic and in turn more customers.

·Long Term Investment
Once a website secures a high SEO rating, it is less likely that it will go down anytime soon. Thus, even a one-time investment can give long run benefits to the company. It is a also a form of market investment, as the higher you rank in search engines, the more likely customers will visit your website, instead of a thousand alternatives.

It is hard to ignore the benefits SEO offers. What is important is to remember that the goal of any SEO effort is to get exposure and drive more traffic for the website. It is not necessary to do ace every aspect of SEO, but with proper resource and budget planning, businesses can figure out which aspects bring a higher rate on SEO investment.