1.Durshet, Maharastra
Durshet is a small village, around 76 km South of Mumbai, which is famous for its beautiful greenery. There are too many options here for natural trails and treks. You can even indulge in rappelling, near Amba waterfalls. What is the best part of all of this? Well, all of it is free! You can easily manage coming here with a cab (especially if travelling from Mumbai).

2.Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu
Rameswaram according to the Hindu Mythology is one of the holiest places. The legend says that this is the point where Lord Rama made the bridge to Lanka in order to save Sita. Rameswaram can be travelled in the best (and cheapest) manner from Chennai. The distance from the city is les and the accommodation and food are quite affordable here. Some place to not miss out on when here are: Rma Setu, Hanuman temple, Agnitheertham, Pamban bridge, Danushkodi beach and Ramanthanswamny temple.

3.Kurseong, West Bengal
Just like Darjeeling, Kurseong is a hill station in the state of West Bengal. But unlike Darjeeling, it is less commercialized. The narrow roads that course through this town are adorned with natural green beauty on both sides. The town is blessed with a quiet ambiance and is perfect for a budget friendly peaceful vacation. Here are some places you should visit when taking a trip around this town; Tea garden, Eagle’s craig, Deer park, Forest museum, churches and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose museum.

4.Gokarna, Karnataka
You want to be near beaches, but you don’t want the crowd or the noise? Well, then maybe you would prefer to take a trip to Gokarna, the not so crowded Goa. You can either trek your way to beaches or ask the local fishermen to take you beach hopping. Over the weekend, you can even do water sports on beaches like Om beach and main beach.

From beach camps to white water rafting to treks, a thrill junkie can find it all here. A trip to Rishikesh should top your list of places to visit if you an adventurer. You could also visit the mind-blowing Valley of Flowers! It is a vegetarian and non-alcoholic destination, but who needs that when you have so many intoxicating things to do!

A trip to Sikkim is probably one of the cheapest and loveliest trips you will ever take. There is not a thing in the world that beats the weather, the scenic views of the Himalayas in the background, picture perfect treks and the presence of a Tibetan Buddhist culture. Also, don’t forget the yummy food you get to eat there! All this beauty will come well within your budget! An ideal duration would be to spend 3-4 days in the hills.

The southernmost tip is where you can sit peacefully and see the Arabian sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean come together in waves. What is must see in Kanyakumari is the Vivekananda Rock Memorial. You also can’t miss the breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset, that have to be seen to be believed that such a thing of beauty exists!

Nanital is the city of lakes and an obvious good option you budget trip. It is one of the top hill stations in India for a reason. The main attractions that bring people to Nanital is Naina Lake and the gorgeous hills that surround it. You also have options for boating and ropeway. The one activity you should try when there is the ropeway to Snow view to get a dekko at the Himalayas. All this in a budget that works for you!

This quick getaway rom Mumbai is a stale favorite for travel junkies. With multiple hike routes, waterfalls in monsoon and mouth watering chikki and chocolate fudge, this is another great way to spend you weekends! You can trek to various forts around Lonavala. Travelling to Lonavala is best done from Mumbai.

One of the most unusual states in the country, Meghalaya is a gem unexplored. You can see ‘natural’ living breathing bridges formed from ancient trees. You can visit Cheerpunjee, world’s wettest place or indulge in some delicious local breakfast at 4 in the morning!

Some other options include Shimla (a hill station with mesmerizing views and delicious food), Khajuraho (the temple town), Dehradun (Capital of Uttarakhand and the city of love) and Kullu- Manali (a typical lover’s hill station). With a little bit more exploring you can add on to this list or make one of your own adventures!

Every city in India in a beautiful world. And sometimes travelling to these gems, doesn’t take a big wallet, but a creative mind! So, time you find yourself on a low budget but with a vigor to travel, don’t stop yourself and explore some of the options mentioned above!

In the end, follow what Anthony Bourdain said, “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”
So, what do you plan to do next long weekend?



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