Which Type Of Dress Will Suits?

Jan 15, 2019   •  4 views

Fashion is everywhere, everyone care's for their their dress even if they are not a fashionista. But at the same time all dress will not suits of everyone. Some people will look good when they wear bright colour dress, some will look better when they wear long chudidar. But most of us are not aware about which type of dress will suits us. One should know which type will suits them and should dress accordingly. If they do so they will look prettier than before. This article will tell you how you should dress up.

For short girls,they can wear any outfits with high heels that would make them not only elegant but also confident. They can wear long chudidars. They can wear the pants which has vertical stripes in it. This would help to show them tall. They should cover 2/3 of their body with the bottom and the remaining 1/3 with the top. The sleeves should be shorter. This types will help them to show them tall.

For the girls who are tall, they can avoid capri pants. While buying pants they should remember that their pants should not be too long. They can wear heels but it will elongate their leg , so it is better to avoid heels. They can try high-waisted styles or waist-cinding belt. Dressing all in one colour all will make them look taller. This is for tall girls.

For the girls who are fat, they should choose the clothes with dark shade pannel because that will automatically make them look thin. While selecting dress choose the correct fabric because some fabric will automatically make them look fat. It is better to go for tailored outfits,so that they can design for themselves.

Anyone can wear any dress but if they wants to look good they should know the basic things to make them look good . That will bring confidence in them.