"Life is not merely being alive but being well"- Marcus valerius Marfialis
In this running world, rarely people gives attention for food but maximum of people doesn't show that much attention and forget to take care of their own health. Everyone should maintain a proper diet. That actually leads for a long healthy life span in this stress world. All should spend some time to do meditation, yoga, exercise to keep their mind at peace.Here is some of tips for healthy life.

As we all know exercise will helps us to reduce weight but it not only helps to reduce weight or maintain weight it also helps to manage blood sugar level. It helps to reduce risk of heart attack and cancer. It improves mental health, mood . It helps to think clearly. When you join with your friends and do exercise it will be so much fun.

Next comes meditation. Meditation is not a means to end. It is both means and the end . This really helps to have a heathy life. Everyday 10 mins meditation will leads to a stress free life and it can helps us to take decisionclearly and helps to keep our mind in peace.

Next is yoga. Yoga is more powerful physical exercise and also a meditative and spiritual core. While doing yoga you are strengthening the nervous system and also it increasing blood flow to internal organ and bring more oxygen to cell. That helps you to see the complicated things more clearly.

In this stressful world everyone forgets to take care of their health except few. Food is also a main reason for unhealthiness. In those days they ate well and worked very hard so that they maintained their body and lived so long. But now we are not aware of what we are eating. Atleast by doing this kind of things we can maintain our body and mind as well.