Astrology: The Science Behind The Government Jobs

Aman Saxena
Jul 11, 2019   •  14 views
"Good government only happens when the people working in it do their jobs and do them well." Yes, indeed. But not many of us get the opportunity to work in the government sector. Is there any way to get them? Let us find out.

But Why Government Jobs?

Government jobs are immensely valued and respected, especially in India where it is viewed as a symbol of power and permanence. It’s no wonder, therefore, that the craze and fascination for the government jobs haven’t declined among the members of the farming community and middle class who strive to become a government servant even when the private sector is growing at an exponential rate in the country. The answer is simple: Government jobs offer enormous benefits to employees whether it is lifetime security, less stress, more leaves, long-term stability, huge bonuses, and medical security. Even after working hard, putting tremendous efforts and time people end up without getting anything. What is one thing lacking between you and your dream job? Where to find these answers? Have you looked once what stars say about your situation? Yes, answers lie in between the movement of the stars.

The Power Of Astrology

Astrology is a very miraculous science that reveals the way of success. Horoscope tells everything about the person's life and by understanding the loopholes and powers of our life we can get the way to overcome the problems of life in a better way. Through astrology, you will get some special ways which can enhance your chances to get government jobs. In astrology, each of the houses reveals facts about each aspect of one’s life and they are all correlated with the ruling planets, transits, and dashas to make career predictions about every aspect of life such as marriage, career, health, etc.

Astrology also calculates the best profession for one based on one’s overall personality as revealed in the horoscope. An expert astrologer will do a general study to reveal one’s interest, mindset, and passion. He can recommend the kind of professions a person can excel in. The astrologer can also study the divisional charts etc. to go into specifics as to which area of expertise or specialty within a field a person can work in.

How does this science works?

These are some of the questions that crop up in the minds of those aspiring for government jobs. When can I get a government job? What type of service will I do? Are there any obstacles in me getting a government job? Should I give up my dream of getting a government job or continue? This is also an area where there is tough competition, so people will greatly benefit if they study what is revealed by their horoscope also. Astrology can help to give you guidance and remove some of the fears, frustration, and anxiety in this regard. It can pinpoint which branch of government and duration of a government job. Along with the natal chart, the position of the Sun in divisional charts should be checked for pinpoint accuracy of the nature of work related to government. Various combinations of planets can determine what branch of government job one can excel in. For example, the Moon determines jobs related to public dealings, Mercury denotes jobs in government banks, Mars denote Defence jobs, and Jupiter is to do with judiciary jobs.

If the primary combinations are present but weak then there may be delay or denial of a job, as weak Yogas fail to fructify, then in such cases, astrological remedies of planets can be done to strengthen them. There are some astrological remedies for strengthening the chances of government jobs. A weak Sun in Rasi, Navamsa, and Dasamsa may not be able to give a government job, however, it can be strengthened by remedies based on one’s chart. The most basic remedy for weak Sun is the Gayatri Mantra. Other method include Surya-Guru Rajyoga: Sun and Jupiter in association, exchange each other's sign and free from any malefic influences and Jupiter should not be in the inimical house, then the native will achieve high post in government authority.