The 15 Most Delicious And Famous Food In Jaipur That Visitors Must Give A Thought

Alefiya Baramatiwala
Sep 17, 2019   •  149 views

Jaipur is mainly known for its Hawa Mahal, the friendly locals, the environment, and more but one other specialty of Jaipur is its famous royal cuisine that depicts the culture of this beautiful city.

Why one should not miss a food treat in Jaipur?

Jaipur follows a Rajasthani culture which is 5000 years old and it is a combination of history and tradition and the contemporary styles present currently. The various foods available at a different place in Jaipur are also a combination of the old Rajasthani culture that makes it unique there.

The Rajasthani people in Jaipur just love their food and it is seen in its preparation. The foods are so perfectly made and decorated on the plate that tourists instantly drool to eat them.

Dal Baati Choorma

Different Foods In Jaipur- Source: Visittnt

Let us have a quick review of the 7 famous foods in Jaipur that will amaze your taste buds

1. Daal baati churma

Daal baati churma is the most likely and one of the most famous foods in Jaipur such in demand that there are songs and traditional beliefs about this delicious dish. A typical Rajasthani meal is just incomplete without daal baati churma.

The baatis are made of dough that are round and charcoal fire is used to bake them which gives it a royal taste. The churmas, on the other hand, are made up of jaggery or sugar mixed with an amount of ghee. The dish gets complete with the lentil curry by which the it acquires its perfect flavor.

There are varieties in churmas based on the ingredients use you can try some of them to know the ultimate Rajasthani culture.

2. Ghewar

Ghewar is an Indian Sweet famous in Jaipur which has a shape of a disc and looks in a pattern of a honeycomb. This sweet is made up of the refined flour, ghee, and sometimes a little gram flour is also added to give it an effective taste. Using these ingredients a batter is prepared and dipped hot ghee or piping oil. Once fried properly it is dipped in sugar syrup giving it the real taste of a sweet.

No matter it has many calories in it but if you are in Jaipur dropping this fascinating dish is a bad option.

3. Gajak

While sight-seeing in Jaipur, Gajak is something you should not forget to buy. It is a dry sweet made up of sesame or peanut mix with jaggery. It is so delicious that you just can't stop eating until it is all finished.

There are different types of Gajak like mawa gajak, dry fruit gajak, and more. This sweet is something you can also treat your friends and family after returning to home.

4. Mawa kachori

Mawa kachori with its crispy and sweet taste is one of the other famous foods in Jaipur. It is different from other simple kachoris and specially made in the Rajasthani. The locals of Jaipur love this sweet goodness mawa filled kachori and you can find it easy in any sweet shop. It is heavy enough to give you a complete slump for your afternoon. After all, it is a Rajasthani sweet and it needs to be a little royal and thus it comes with a husky serving of syrup made of sugar. Too yum to eat!

mava kachori

Mawa Kachori- Source: Visittnt

5. Badaam halwa

Yes, here comes another sweet treat for your sweet tooth. In winters people in Jaipur enjoy Badaam halwa the most. It is a combination of dry fruits, suji, sugar, and for sure a heavy quantity of ghee which completes a Rajasthani food.

6. Mohan mass

If you are a non-vegetarian lover and need to try something extra-ordinary then Mohan mass of Jaipur Rajasthani cuisine is your favorable dish. This recipe includes milk and a mixture of mild spices and prepared by cooking it on a slow flame so that it generates perfection and a good taste.

It also has some lemon, cardamon, and khus khus in it that gives it unbeatable flavor. Mohan mass is considered as the dish of a King with its foremost taste and mouth-watering texture.

7. Churma laddoos

After having a meal in Jaipur, Churma Laddoos is the best feast for immense pleasure. Churma laddoos are made soft by wrapping it in desi ghee, jaggery, and dry fruits. Most of the people mainly eat it after daal baati churma.

8. Ker sangria

Ker sangria is a vegetable found in dessert and most commonly in Rajasthan’s dry vapid region. It is a sort of pickle tasting tangy and best when eaten with bajra roti.

9. Gatte ki sabzi

Gatte ki sabzi is a dish which comes in the form of gravy and too much popular in Rajasthani cuisine. Gatte is nothing but roundels of gram flour (besan) which is cooked in gravy made of curd. This recipe has many variations like besides curd; onion and tomato are used to make the gravy. In every different gravy, you find different taste and flavor.


Gatte Ki Sabzi- Source: Pakwangali

10. Rajasthani Kadi

Kadi is a known among people of Punjab, Maharashtra, and Uttrakhand but when talking about the Rajasthani kadi in Jaipur it is something different from a normal Kadi. It is pungent and too much spicy that will give your taste buds a super sizzling experience.

11. Mirchi Vadase

The other in the list of spicy dishes is Mirchi Badas. It should be served hot and get yourself ready is you are having it for an exploit. It is made by dipping big green chilies in a dough made up of gram flour (besan). After this, they are fried in hot oil and then become crunchy enough to enjoy it.

12. Lapsi

Laapsi is a very delicious Indian Sweet dish made up of ghee and wheat’s broken pieces. There also dry fruits and raisins and it comes in different forms according to the ingredients used. Laapsi is also known as shira.

Laapsi recipe main photo

Laapsi- Source: CookPad

13. Keema baati

Kheema baati is for one who loves to try non-vegetarian delicacies and to mention this dish is a perfect Rajasthani Heritage with all perfect combination of flavors and spices. The kheema is slow-cooked with a variety of spices and stuffed in a baati which can be then baked or fried.

If you ever visit Jaipur please complete your trip with this hilarious Keema baati served with mutton gravy.

14. Chokhani kheer

Chokhani kheer is known as the traditional dessert of Jaipur and people there mostly have it on certain occasions and festivals. Try this sweet dish made of milk after your meal to complete your food with mammoth delight.

Image result for chokhani kheer of jaipur

Chokhani Kheer- Source: Patrika

15. Jaipuri chicken

As the name says it is a specialty of Jaipur, its texture and taste made the tourist visit to Jaipur an incredible one. It is made of cream, lots of spices, and, cooked with lots of efforts. It is available at different restaurants in Jaipur and can be enjoyed with Paratha, Kulcha, tandoori roti, and more.

Sweets are the most delicious part of Jaipur which is quite known worldwide. So while planning your trip to this royal city do add these amazing Rajasthani style famous foods in Jaipur to your list and have a yummilicious vacation.