The smell or fragrance of clean laundry, book ,wet mud enchantes us as it is extremely soothing. By smell we can also connect with our childhood memories. Not only can smell evoke feelings but it can also bring back memories from the past that we forgot we had. A mastery of some of the most frequent fragrances are combined artfully in order to produce a unique smell for a particular person.


The perfume was originated by the Egyptians as they made use of the scents in almost everything be it their religious ceremonies, daily wear or even burial preparations. The rich class of the Egyptian society would wear aromas like lily be it male or female as it would be a symbol of status back then. The Persians used this soothing fragrance as a sign of political status. It was as an art by the Romans and Greeks. A perfume factory is recently uncovered from 2000BC which seemed to have a specialization in the production of various kinds and types of scents. Scents were used only in religious ceremonies after which it started to spread in the world and the commercial production of scents began from Paris.

Perfumes were made with the help of essential oils that are mixed in order to make balms and ointments. But the perfumes which we are using today requires an extremely difficult method of preparation. The scents which are desired to be made are mixed in a particular quantity with either ethanol or ethanol water.The concentration of scents solely depends on the type of perfume which is being made.

Perfumes have been and always will be a part of our daily routines as it plays a major role in our lives. Many different brands in and outside India manufacturer Perfumes of a premium quality.



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