Life Is Arbitrary Confidence Is Everything.

Adil Mohmmed
Apr 01, 2019   •  47 views

In a life when everything is arbitrary and when things you have no control over starts piling up making you get trapped in a labyrinth. At such moments our confidence is something which remains constant.

In the words of Gina Linetti ( Human form of the 💯 emoji), “Life is chaos, everything is arbitrary and confidence is everything “.

So be confident.

Hold on! I’ll tell you how to be confident.
1. Picture your success : When you are trying something new it will be a tough task to see and compare where you are and where you want yourself to be, so when you are starting a new task imagine yourself at the top of the mountain, imagine your success, imagine your scream of dominance.

2. Have a growth mindset : It is a proven fact that people who have a growth mindset, people who try to be a better version of oneself perform phenomenally better than people who have a fixed mindset where they think that they might not be good at the task and be content with it. Growth mindset involves perseverance i.e. picking yourself up every single time when you fall and keep striving for greatness.

3. Practice failure : Yes! You read it right. You need to practice failure, you need to try and fail. Suppose you want to talk to that hot woman at the bar, instead of imagining yourself going there and making the most charismatic impression, imagine failing in a grandiose manner, imagine the worst, imagine yourself getting humiliated in front of everyone ( Keep in mind that you be a proper gentleman and not creep the other person out), then your chances will improve phenomenally. Because when you practice failure you’ll be habitual of getting back up again and again and still try to give your best.

I cannot stress this enough when I say that you need to constantly practice this in order to face setbacks and emerge from it a better man.

And some motivation as we part, confidence is sexy, girls love it, so put your game face on and GO!