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Abhishek Tyagi
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Well before I go into the article I would like to give you a brief description about me e or rather an introduction about me since that would help you understand the reason I joined for an intern at Wrytin

So basically in the first year of my college which is about to end so we were instructed to do an internship so as to gain industrial experience.

So I started searching for my interest and hobbies online and I applied to internshala for the topic of blog writing for content writing.

I applied to various companies per se on internshala and finally I was shortlisted by Wrytin.

For further shortlisting I was given a task to write two articles to prove that I am worthy for the internship which I completed successfully then I got the offer letter from Wrytin.

I was happy to have achieved an internship at such a prestigious website following my passion and hobby.

#what I learned

Throughout my journey I definitely gained some tips and advices or suggestions about how I could improve my writing and attract audience towards its so that I could reach the majority of the audience through my articles

Our mentors also directed us successfully and carefully guiding us at each point it of time on our internship, while performing our tasks

#brief description about the tasks for our day to day responsibilities of jobs

Basically , initially we were given genre to write in articles

We were free to choose the category we would prefer to write in

Then we were given our goals that is we have two options to choose from

Since the internship was for a month the first option was writing 12 articles with at least 100 views on each on an average and the second one was writing 32 articles with at least 30 views on each article on an average when calculated.

Well I would like to mention any updates to the above paragraph since their conditions all the rules are now been changed so I would like to include them in this article


From now onwards, we have discontinued the 8 articles per week (with 30 views on an average per article) structure and have replaced it with 6 articles per week (with 40 views on an average per article) one. The 3 wrytups structure will remain the same.

Interns who have already opted the 8 wrytups option will be unaffected by this, but the new interns don't have the 8 wrytups option. Get in touch with the new interns assigned under you and ask them accordingly among the two options currently available.

* Write and post 3 quality articles per week on our website

Have more than 160 views (on an average) on every article


* Write and post 6 quality articles per week on our website

Have more than 40 views (on an average) on every article

I chose the second option since I was not much familiar with the background of content writing as it was my first internship and thought that choosing to write more number of articles will definitely improve my writing skills and help me overall improve my thoughts and flow of my mind. well soon my internship is about to finish and I think it was overall a good experience as it helped me enhance my vocabulary and improved my writing skills a lot.



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