Oppo's New Waterfall Screen Has An 88-Degree Curve

Abhishek Malhotra
Jul 30, 2019   •  70 views

Oppo, the Chinese giant has been a great innovator when it comes to mobiles. It has been on it’s brother’s path which is Vivo. Vivo too has been doing a good job when it comes to innovation, but this time Oppo takes the crown.

Oppo recently released some pictures on their official twitter account of a prototype device with curved screen. Now you might think what’s new in it as Oppo itself recently launched a phone with a curved screen, the Oppo Find X. The new thing about this device is that the screen curves at an 88-degree angle which makes it the first display panel to do so.

Oppo is calling this new design as ‘Waterfall Screen’ as it basically curves like a waterfall. See what Oppo did there? The result came out to be a prototype that has an even longer display than normal phones which looks a bit unusual. This new design has its own advantages and disadvantages.

While the phone looks really cool with this design, makes the task of picking up the phone easier, reduces bezels to the minimum, it will be interesting to see how Oppo would implement palm rejection as you wouldn’t want those accidental touches to spoil your experience. Secondly, as the display covers both the sides of the phone, I would really be looking forward to the positioning of the power and volume buttons.

Considering what Oppo achieved with their flagship phones recently, they have been upping the competition since then. And looking at what they are developing now, I am really excited to see the final product.

It is not long before Vivo comes up with the same tech soon as there are rumors about it too. Whoever comes with the commercial design first, it would be really intriguing to see the implementation of both of these companies.