Google Pixel 4 Features Motion Gestures & Face Unlock Just Like Apple.

Abhishek Malhotra
Jul 31, 2019   •  37 views

When it comes to products leaking online before their launch, companies can’t do anything about it. But when its Google, you can expect anything to happen. A while back, Google on its official twitter account, revealed the official picture of Pixel 4 and gave us a glimpse of how it looked with a giant block of camera.

And now they are back again with another video showcasing that the Pixel will have radar-based motion gestures and Face Unlock with all the hardware, just like Apple does it. And it's really interesting to see how Google is revealing information about the device they are going to launch this fall.

Talking about the hardware, the phone will have Google’s Soli Radar Technology which uses a Radar chip to detect your gestural actions with which you can navigate through the phone. In the video which Google released, they showcased how you can skip tracks just with a swipe of your hand and in a blog post, they also revealed that you can wave your hand for snoozing alarms, and silencing phone calls.

Coming to the face unlock, Google is not using the selfie camera for this purpose as most of the companies these days are doing that. Instead, Google is going the hardware way which makes the face unlock more secure than the software-based one. Google is using Infrared Sensors and a Dot Projector just like Apple and also a RGB Sensor meaning that you can use face unlock in any lighting condition. Google has tough competition as Apple is already using this technology. The Face Unlock should at least be as fast as Apple’s implementation if not faster than that. Also if we see in the image, you can notice that Google will just be using a single selfie camera instead of the two camera setup which they used in the Pixel 3XL which means the single camera has to be better than the one which was being used previously.

In addition to this, Google also mentions that with the help of Soli Radar Chip, the Face Unlock will automatically activate as you reach for the Pixel 4 and you will be able to unlock the phone even if it is upside-down, or basically in any orientation. If compared to Apple’s devices, the iPhones are not able to do this as of now but Apple already has overcome this issue with their iPad Pro.

For security, Google also promises that all the face data will be stored on the device within its Titan-M security chip and will never be shared with any other services and won't be stored on a server.

Google has never showcased any features or design of their past 3 generations of Pixel phones but this time, they have changed everything and I am already very excited for the Pixel 4’s launch in October.