No matter how hard you pretend to give that boss look, there will always be that little 20s nostalgia somewhere around your mind. And the moment when you watch those images or listen to those sounds, your brain refreshes the old memories and still bring up a lot other sweet memories linked with it. My childhood is the best one, and I still watch these cartoons often :) Here is a list of few awesome nostalgic cartoons that will take you back to your childhood.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This show rocked not only the TV hearts but also the Videogame masters of 20s who often traded the 8-bits to watch these TMNTs in action.

TMNT. (Follow this link 👈👈)

Though we still knew that any ghosts would just be another nut case wearing a mask, the show tempted us to watch the hilarious mystery hunt, especially for Scoob…

SD 👈👈

Still wondering the lyrics of ‘I’m Popeye the sailor man’? The very old paramount pictures logo with Popeye’s pipe sounds still rings a bell and fires the neurons that flashes the memories our hard times with Spinach, as an effort to get Popeye’s mighty strength. A good old friend :)

P 👈👈

Dennis The Menace
The one guy who seriously was our contender back when we are young and mischievous. I guess we have a whole army of contenders right now, but still there is no better contender than his naughty fellow.

DTM 👈👈

Tom and Jerry
^_^ My mom loves em’… I love em’… And I bet the next five generations will love em’ too :)
TAJ 👈👈

Courage the Cowardly Dog
Another epic show that showed us some good cartoon sense since the 90s.

The list could never end for anyone. But still I hope that I temporarily teleported you to your childhood for a while*_*