Perfect (Guitar Chord) - Ed Sheeran

Manoj Yadav
Jun 15, 2021   •  19802 views

(capo) - 1st Fret

I found a (G) love for (Em) me
Darling just (C) dive right in
And follow my (D) lead
Well I found a (G) girl
Beautiful and (Em) sweet
I never (C) knew you were the someone
Waiting for (D) me

Cause we were just kids
When we (G) fell in love
Not knowing (Em) what it was
I will not (C) give you up this (G) time (D)
But darling just (G) kiss me slow
Your heart is (Em) all I own
And in your (C) eyes you’re holding (D) mine

Baby, (Em) I’m (C) dancing in the (G) dark
With (D) you between my (Em) arms
(C) Barefoot on the (G) grass
(D) Listening to our (Em) favourite song
When you (C) said you looked a (G) mess
I whispered (D) underneath my (Em) breath
But you (C) heard it, darling
(G) You look (D) perfect tonight

(G) (D) (Em) (D) (C) (D)

Well I found a (G) woman
Stronger than (Em) anyone I know
She shares my (C) dreams
I hope that someday I’ll share her (D) home
I found a (G) love
To carry (Em) more than just my secrets
To carry (C) love
To carry children of our (D) own

We are still kids, but we’re (G) so in love
Fighting (Em) against all odds
I know that we’ll (C) be alright this (G) time (D)
Darling just (G) hold my hand, be my girl
I’ll (Em) be your man
I see my (C) future in your (D) eyes



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Heartbeat style is best for this song.. try watching Acoustic Pahadi Channel in youtube.. he has a tutorial