“You don’t often hear the conversation about masturbation as it is still considered embarrassing to talk about”.

Masturbation is self-satisfaction when you desire to fulfil your sexual need by touching your genital and is this accepted in the society? No, and why is this so?


Many religions like Catholic, Orthodox Jewish and Muslim culture believe that masturbation is sin, some religion view as spiritually detrimental and others take a situational view. According to Hinduism apart from a person who took a vow of brahmacharya, this region grant complete freedom of sexuality, in fact, it teaches the best procedure to masturbate in details. Many people worry about it because there are myths that masturbation is dangerous and something to be embarrassed about but in reality, masturbation is a safe and healthy sexual activity.

Childhood picture

Most children aged 2-3 years play with their genitals, usually when we find children’s hands near their genitals, we teach them not to do that as it is considered inappropriate and that is why kids learn from a very young age to hide and do it under the cover.

Masturbation allows you to discover your body and find what you like and what you don’t like. In fact, I believe it is not easy for women to learn how to satisfy themselves and have orgasms, also masturbation can enhance the experience with their respective partners. For most men, it is difficult to figure out woman’s body because it is too complicating but if a woman knows about her body, she can instruct it well and can help her respective partner while having sex.

It is a myth that masturbation can effect on circulating testosterone but this is not true, in fact, it can help to prevent prostate cancer. When men ejaculate they release stress hormones and this helps to boost the immune system. Masturbating regularly prevents erectile dysfunction and incontinence and it also enhances your relationship.


Some people can develop an addiction to masturbation, you may spend too much time masturbating. This can negatively affect your relationship with your partner, may interrupt in your work or studies and can lower your productivity. If you are addicted to masturbation “Immediately ask for help,” make an appointed with a psychiatrist or a therapist. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask help because there are people who can help you to get out of this.

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