Why Indian Parents Should Give Sex Education To Their Children?

Zeenat Khan
May 20, 2019   •  69 views

Talking about sex is still a taboo in India. Most of the people don’t talk about sex in open. It is still considered as a shameful act for a lot of people.

Growing up In Muslim conservative family I never heard somebody saying even the word “Sex”, my parents never gave me sex education and I had to learn through the internet and movies. Which I believe was not right because I realised most of the sex scene in movies were unrealistic. In many other countries, parents are open to talk about sex to their children. In fact, a 2004 NPR survey indicated that majority of the parents in the US polled complete sex education in schools, as over 80% agreed with the statement, they believe sex education in school makes it easier for them to talk to their children about sexual issues. So the question here is why schools in India don’t teach proper sex education to students?

In the rural part of India teenagers don’t receive education on sexual issues because traditional culture doesn’t openly talk about sex. Children are shy to ask questions about sex to their parents and so many are confused about it and don’t know what to do and how to behave. Because they have a lack of knowledge about sex that leads to unprotective sex and unwanted childbirth. A lot of girls drink homemade portion and unfortunately, some use a broken bottle. They suffer complications because of these methods.

Educating youngsters about sex will prevent teenage pregnancy and that is why reproductive health should be given importance to. Children born to teenage mothers receive poor nutrition, health care and risk for lower achievement. Their organs are not fully developed which might result in distress syndrome and intestinal problems.

One of the major concern of lack of knowledge on this topic is sexually transmitted disease. STD cases had been increased from one to 4.9 % over the past four years. Sometimes STD can also be transmitted from mother to infant during pregnancy or used needles or through blood transfusion. Often teenagers don’t know that they have STD and if they have unprotected sexual intercourse with others that increase the chances of transmission.

We live in a country where Kamasutra was originated and you can find temples carved with sexual illustrations. If our ancestors were open to talking about sex so why we are not?

Usually, youngsters in India learn about sex from pornography because they are curious and given to their sexual urges, this might lead to pornography addiction which is unhealthy. Also, pornography is unrealistic in my ways.

I believe that parents, guardians and schools should take initiation to educate children and teenagers to avoid complications.



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