Around the globe, 105 people die in a minute and 6316 each hour, death is unpredictable nobody is prepared for it. According to science death is a process much like life. According to Dr Nina O’ Conner director of Pennsylvania health system people become extremely focused on their family and things which are important to them when they are taking their last breath. Mainly because it gives the person a chance to get rid of any regret, they had during the lifetime. In 2015 a survey was conducted where they asked people what happens when you die? Around 75 per cent of people believes that you go to heaven and 54 per cent believe you go to hell.

Every religion has different conspiracy and belief associated with death, Muslims believe Allah will judge all the souls on the day of resurrection, Buddhist believes spirits will reincarnate into new bodies, Christians believe eternity in either heaven or hell and there are faiths that don’t believe in afterlife concept like Judaism.

So here we go,

Loss of appetite

A reduced appetite could be a sign that death is near. A person’s appetite could begin to immerse for numerous reason when they are dying, in most of the cases their body stop them to eat.

Slow moving

Mainly the person will talk and move slower and one of the reason is medication. Usually, people are on heavy medication and have to take painkillers during their final days which slows down their movements.

Stiffness of the body

After people die their body begins to stiff. In most of the cases, this process begins within a couple of hours after the person has died. Then there is discolouration of the skin either purple or red colouration will appear in certain areas of the body mainly because blood begins to settle in the body under the force of gravity.

Rupture of vessels

After the death of a person, few vessel areas begin to rupture this is because of increased pressure and gravity.

Change in body temperature

The temperature of the body starts changing. Naturally, our bodies are warm but once we die the temperature begins to cool off.


After the death the internal organ starts to decompose, the body begins to bloat and blood containing foam leaks from the mouth and the nose. The body will turn to red from green as our blood decomposes and organs in the abdomen assemble gas.

Yes, it is difficult to accept the fact that one day we all are going to die so “The most important thing is to enjoy life to the fullest, do whatever you want to and live your life.”



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