If you love to travel then you must know what are the best places you should visit once in your lifetime. Do you know why people love to travel ? because they get the opportunity to learn new things also, they find a way to relax through travelling

So here are the places you should visit

Paris, France

It the most romantic city in the world, Every couple should make plans for this place from proposing under the appearing Eiffel Tower to the beautiful walks along the seine and candlelit dinners, there are endless opportunities for romance.

A nation for food lovers, you can find bread, pastries, macarons and other speciality food items. Paris will satisfy and satiate the fussiest of foodies.

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach has a tropical monsoon climate and marked the wet and dry season, the beach is located on the Atlantic ocean with the Gulf of Mexico. If you are looking beaches well guess what ? this is the best place to relax. Beaches are open from sunrise to sunset with a lot of activities for entertainment.

Ladakh, India

Bounded by two of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges, Himalaya and the Karakoram, Ladakh is one the most attractive place. It had two districts “Leh” and “Kargil”, Leh is the great tourist place with beautiful monasteries and culture of the people.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It is known for luxury shopping and architecture, its worth travelling place and have the best activities for your trip. It is also a major transport hub for passengers and cargo. It is famous for construction project and sports events and has the world’s tallest building, the “Burj Khalifa”. So do plan for Dubai as its one of the best place for tourists.

New York city, USA

It is the most popular city in The United States with estimated 8,398,700 people and also known for Largest metropolitan area in the world. You have to visit Grand Central Station as it has the best tourist attractions to offer, it has the best hotels and central parks and the famous “The Statue of Liberty”.

Bali, Indonesia

With beautiful beaches to cultural places, Bali has the most exciting places to visit. It is cheap as compare to other foreign places and you can find great accommodation. Many people have fallen in love with Bali as it has rich heritage and culture. You can mentally and spiritually satisfy yourself by visiting Religious temples in Bali.

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