Have you been attracted to someone so much that you crossed your limits to impress that person? Is it exhausting when you constantly thinking about the person?

We all have crushes, we imagine romantic dates, kisses and intimacy with the person. If it isn’t working out with your crush then you need to let that person free out from your mind. Being healthy doesn’t mean physically but mentally too, sometimes thinking about your crush all the time is exhausting and you might feel confused, unloved and lonely.

So here we go,

Accept and allow

Firstly, you need to accept the fact that you are completely attracted to the person and be honest with yourself if you lie to yourself things might get more difficult for you. Repeat to yourself “I really wish that person get attracted to me but that is not a must”, you are making sure not to demand attention from that specific person. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling right now, stop judging yourself and treat yourself as if you are treating your friend.

Distract yourself

Work on yourself, do things you like. Make extra time for your family and friends. Do things which you have thought to do before but never done. Try something new maybe a new hobby. Take yourself for a date alone. Distracting yourself will help you not to think about them.

Talk to your friends/family/therapist

Talking out loud about your feelings and what you are going through is helpful, just make sure that the people are trustworthy and comfortable with. I know talking to someone might be difficult for you but trust me this is helpful.

Stop Stalking

Do you stalk their profiles just to check if they are dating someone or hanging out with cute people? If Yes, you need to stop it. In fact, we can avoid them through the hide settings on Instagram and Facebook and other social media platforms this can make things easier for you.

Limit the contact

You need to stop talking to them and cut down all type of communication, I know it is difficult but you have to do this. If accidentally you happen to meet them in person try to avoid them and never initiate a conversation.

Give yourself time

Healing is not linear, It might take time for you to get over this feeling. Don’t frustrate and don’t be harsh on yourself. Give yourself time to heal and I hope you get over it.

Learn to love yourself

You have to learn how to love yourself, go on date with yourself. Treat yourself as if you are treating your loved one. For some people, it takes time to learn and that’s okay. It is well said, “First you have to have love yourself and only then you can love someone else”. Remember that you only live once and you have to accept yourself the way you are and embrace it.

Get ready for a new one

Once you have done with the above guidelines congratulate yourself, Do what you feel like don’t let anyone control you because you are master of your own mind. If you are finally over the person open your mind and find a new crush, just don’t get attached to the person too much.

So, this is the end of my article please let me know how you felt about it in the comments below.



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