Are you a foodaholic?

Do you have a love relationship with food and never get tired eating? Indian food dishes that you need to try!


Biryani is the combination of rice, Indian spices, meat (chicken, goat, beef, prawns or fish), vegetables or eggs served with curd and onions. This dish is originated in North India with different varieties of biryani. As the name suggests Biryani was developed in the royal kitchen of the Mughal Empire. It is worth trying dish!

Samosa and pakoda

Samosa is Fried dish with savoury filling of potatoes, meat or other vegetablesserved with different types of chutney especially green commonly consider as evening snacks. Samosa are popular in western Asia, Southern Asia and Africa.

Pakoda is popular snacks across The Indian subcontinent, it is served mainly by street vendors. It is a fried snack stuff with onions, Potatoes, chillies, gram flour and spices like garam masala, Red chilli, pepper.

Pav Bhaji

It is thick vegetable curry served with buttered bread. Pav Baji was originated in the 1850s in Mumbai, India. Now you can find Pav Bhaji at any restaurant as its one of the famous meal around the India.

Pani Puri and Chats

It is fried hollow puri with filling of boiled gram and mashed potatoes and has a tangy rather sweet taste water. Also known as golgappas are delicious, spicy and sweet, they are easily available almost at all the street.

Chat in Hindi means “to lick”, immensely known for Indian street food. This was originated in Uttar Pradesh but now it is popular all across India. There are plenty of chat available like Aloo chat, Delhi chat, Masala Poori chat , you must try all kinds of chat as it is worth trying.

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is a Punjabi dish originated from northern Indian, it is a combination of chana (chickpeas) with spices and bhatura is fried bread made with soft wheat . It is eaten as breakfast and accompanied with lassi (sweet milk) completely consider as street food all over India.

Ras malai

“Ras” means juice and “Malai” is the cream It is originated from Bengal, India “a rich cheesecake without a crust”, yellow coloured flattened balls of clotted cream flavoured with cardamom.

Do try all the dishes mentioned up and do let me know what you feel about this article in the comments below?



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