Fat is defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation but, is it abnormal to wish for a relationship or love someone?

Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975 but is it stopping people to love others? Here the question arises “are you too fat for love and intimacy?”

We Judge our fatness and compare our bodies with others, stressing our self too much to fit in the beauty standards where being fat is not acceptable. We are missing so many things by underestimating and by not accepting our self the way we are. I am not promoting obesity but giving reasons to love yourself more and want you to feel attractive in your own skin.

During childhood When my mother always narrated me fairy tales I notice these stories always describe their female protagonists as very pretty with blue eyes and long hair, their skin was delicate and fair and they were skinny. Honestly, as a child, I always wanted to look like these princesses because I always thought I will be worthy of love only if I look like them. Could this ethnocentric concept of beauty start from childhood? the answer is yes.I hope the next generation will teach their children to love themselves the way they are, being skinny or curvy it doesn’t matter.

We usually are too scared of being fat and we question our self “what if I don’t get a partner?” who will love this fat so ? “will anybodyget attracted to me ?” “If I reduce weight will I get the attention?” why do you think we ask our self these questions its because society and media make us feel unworthy but you need to shut down all the negative thought and have to believe in yourself.Studies have shown that people are more attracted to people who are confident and funny so fake confidence until you actually make it.

People say All is fair in love and war,
It doesn’t matter if you are fat or thin when you love.Because love doesn’t matter on the outward appearance but on the beauty from inside. In order to love someone first, you have to fall in love with yourself because once you fall in love with yourself you will know your worth and your taste of people will also change.

So fat people have a choice they can put their lives on hold until they have a thinner body or start living their lives right now.



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Great article!🤩
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Man you just made me tear up😢♥️Loved your article Do read mine https://wrytin.com/arvindharish/abandonment-jvqo1eo3