Addiction is the condition when a human can’t leave without that particular thing, it can be anything. But in today's world of advanced science and technology, mostly people are getting addicted to “The Games”. And here we are not talking about the sports games which are actually good for our physical as well as mental health. We are talking about the mobile or desktop games. For example, we all know about the “PUBG”. 2019 will always be remember for reducing the limit of playing pubg andfor banning the mobile application called tik-tok. It is the first time in Indian history, The Government has taken such a huge step.

Gaming has become popular in 2000s and in 2019 gaming has become the part of life or we can say an essential part of human life. The thing is that we still don’t know whether it is good or bad for us. Study shows that teenagers and children’s are moving away from their parents due to social media and online gaming. They are so busy playing games that they have nothing to do with what is going on in real life. Well, I am not talking about all the peoples. Some smart peoples are good at managing things, they play games as well as sports, they spend their time with family as well as with friends plus they are active in real life. But we can not deny that there are people who spent mostly their time playing online game and even sometimes they forgot to eat, mostly these are teenagers. Which then will be a big problem once they cross their teen age.

The saying is that “If anything goes beyond the limits, it can cause a harmful effect”. And it apply here. You maybe thinking right now how?

1) Well, first thing about mostly online game is that they are extremely violent. Example PUBG, excessive violent can trigger aggressive thoughts, emotions and behavior that ultimately affects the mental health of the player.

2) It affects your healthslowly and make you less socially active. You keep thinking about the game and also most of the games do not have the playing limit. And which finallyleads to stressed and anxiety issues due to lack of social interaction. And also it can affect your sleeping even when you yourself decided to sleep.

3) It promote bad physical health:- Just sitting around in one place and playing for long hour is not good for your physical health. You become lazy and also staring at the screen of your mobile or PC for too long can affect the eyesight and give you headache.

Games are invented to reduce human tension, so that they can concentrate on their work easily. But nowadays people are only playing games. Which is a big issue. That day is not far when people are dying and those who play the game will not help, because it can cause them losing. So people need to understand for how much time they should play games, they should decide their own daily time limit and they should follow their own rules strictly.



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Gaming is so much fun and it is also beneficial for us, but too much of anything is always bad. People need to understand this.