Each one of us go through difficult times and at times it makes us feel that our life revolves around only pain and misery. We start to lose the real essence of life. Only a very few people get out of those difficult times. Most of us get stuck there and think about it our whole lives. At that point of time when you go through that difficult period in your life, it seems as if there is no escape and this very thought makes you sit with the pain all your life. To get away from any sort of misery in life, the first and the most important thing is to understand the fact that life goes on. And do implement some of these points in your life to help you through your rough days:

1. Nothing lasts forever

Nothing in this world is permanent, the situation you're going through is temporary just like everything else is and soon it will pass. Don't bother yourself much about anything in life, because there are things that our beyond our control and so there is no point making yourself suffer about the things that have already happened and you can't change them.

2. Don't prolong your grief

It isn't bad to grieve but when you grieve about something for a long time, it starts to become a part of you and it becomes really hard to get rid of it. It will act as a darkness within you and will haunt you all your life. Don't let yourself sit with the pain for a long time.

3. Absorb and understand the situation

Whenever you go through a bad experience in life, try to understand why it happened. You must try to understand the situation before concluding anything. Think of something positive out of it, and if you can't do that just know that it will pass and soon you'll see happy days ahead of you.

4. Don't hold it back

You must not try to hold back how you feel. Its normal if you are not okay sometimes. Don't pretend, don't hide how you feel. It's completely alright if you aren't okay. Believe that you can get through this.

5. Never let anything stay in your heart forever

If you have been through rough times, do whatever you can at the time it has happened. Don't try to hold things back, don't let it settle down in your heart, because if it does it'll bother you all your life.

No matter how you feel now, rough times don't last forever. Life has ups and downs. The hard times only makes you stronger, so don't let them be your weakness for the rest of your life. If today is not a good day for you, be patient. Sooner or later you will find the happiness that you've waited for. Life isn't always harsh, if it has shown you hard times, it will soon show you the good days.

Zindagi Migzara (Life goes on).



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