Crying is a process of shedding tears, sometimes due to grief and sometimes due to immense joy. Often when our emotions are high, our eyes tend to shed tears. But it is also something that our society considers as a sign of weakness. When we are kids, we don't really worry about people watching us cry and it is also considered normal when a child cries. But as we grow up,we don't usually cry in front of people, because they might call it childlike and specially when a man cries, people either compare him to a child or to a woman. But is there any man or woman, who doesn't cry? Do you know it's a disorder when someone can't cry. But sadly we live in a society that considers crying a disorder. It's time that we start to look beyond our own set of rules, mentioned below are some benefits of crying:

1. It relieves a person from stress

Crying has proven to relieve a person from any sort of tension as it releases stress hormones. And we all must have felt it that when we are in great stress, crying helps us keep our mind relieved of stress.

2. It helps lift up your mood

Often after crying, it is observed that we feel at ease and our hearts are at peace. We start to feel relaxed after crying. It lifts up the heaviness from our heart and helps keep us calm

3. Helps get support from others

When someone sees a person crying, we tend to go to them and ask what's wrong. Even if they don't want to speak, they get a shoulder to cry on. The person lending the shoulder might not realise it but it does act as a great help.

4. Proven to be beneficial for our eyes

One should never think that our crying affects our eyes in any way, it is rather beneficial. To them Tears help flush out irritants from the eyes and keep it moist and helps our eyes remain healthy.

5. Prevents any major problem

When a person tries to stop themselves from shedding their tears, the emotions build up and may affect the functioning of the brain. It may further lead to mental health issues. So we must not try to control our tears.

6. Helps us regain our strength

Often at times we become so weak and vulnerable that we are not able to deal with anything in our life. Our emotions keep piling up and makes our heart heavy which in turn makes us weak. Crying helps us regain our strength by relieving our minds from worries.

Crying in no way is a sign of weakness, it is a natural response of any normal human being to emotions like sadness or even at times of extreme happiness. So don't consider people weak when they cry, rather lend them a shoulder and help them get through it.