Anger is a very strong emotion which can control you at times without you realising the consequences of your actions. It makes you do things that often end up as a regret. When a person is angry, they are not thinking of anything but to avenge the person they're angry at. It makes a person so selfish at that time that they don't think of anybody else's feelings. Anger does such destruction that can't be made right again. It causes a person to take actions which might hurt the people around them or sometimes they even end up hurting themselves. And most of the times the person after they have calmed themselves regret their actions. And that regret adds more to their destruction. So there is a need to control it, because anger is one of the worst enemies a person can have. Mentioned below are a few points that can help you control it.

1. Whenever you're angry try to distance yourself from people

It is the people around us that have to face the consequences of our anger. They might sometimes get hurt not only mentally but physically too. And the damage that a person does to a human takes a very long time to heal. So keep yourself away from people at such times.

2. Try drinking water or lying down on the bed

Studies have proven that it can help you calm yourself down. Or a person might know some things out of experience that have helped them at such times, try doing them.

3. Avoid medications

A lot of people tend to go for medications for such issues, it may help you get temporary relief but we must always think of long term benefits. Such medications often lead to addiction and it becomes difficult for a person to control their anger without them. So we should avoid taking any such medications.

4. Eat healthy food

It has been rightly said that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Most people have such issues due to their eating habits. We should try taking a healthy diet and avoid food which can affect our physical health which further leads to mental health issues.

5. Relax your mind with exercise and meditation

Exercise keeps your health good and meditation calms down your mind. Both of which are very necessary for a person having anger issues. Our mind at times needs relaxation and free from any worldly thoughts. It becomes important for such people to practice these both.

6. Try not to speak when you're angry

When a person is angry, most of what they speak is harsh and rude. There is no positive thought in a person's mind when they are angry. It hurts the people around us and affects our relationships, therefore one must avoid speaking anything when they are angry.