Priyanka Gandhi And Congress Hope In Up

Yash Raj
Jun 13, 2019   •  23 views

Rahul Gandhi and Congress had deployed Priyanka Gandhi as a star campaigner for Lok Sabha election 2019.She was brought not only for Lok Sabha election but for many more reasons. She had responsibility to campaign for congress in eastern UP. She was made congress incharge for eastern UP in general election but Rahul had clearly ,remarked she is being deployed for long term in UP. Rahul's remark was quite clear.He does know congress lacks booth level organisation in UP. Party needs to be uplifted from grass root level in UP.

She was made congress general secretary when election was about to start. She took the responsibility in organisation and didn't contest election. Moreover, she made significant impact on some eastern seats causing victory for BJP and debacle for SP-BSP candidates. She helped congress to gain in terms of vote percentage on few seats. But, She failed to convert those votes into winning seats. Rahul Gandhi himself lost in Amethi which signifies congress weak organisation in UP. But ,there was nothing surprising for congress. Priyanka Gandhi was deployed for upcoming state election in UP but media and political analyst mistook congress move. She has to rebuild congress from grass root level for state assembly election.She has got tremendous support from congress workers in UP. Party has faith in her aura. She resembles Indira Gandhi in many ways. She speaks in same way as her grandmother used to speak. She connects with the voters as well. But, Over the night no one wins election. For electoral success party has to strengthen it's organisation and leadership in UP.

Congress can't go beyond this downfall in UP wherein party has only a single MP from biggest state. Congressmen and Rahul do know if she keeps on working in UP then congress might get success in state assembly election. SP-BSP didn't make congress part of grand alliances and they had to suffer huge lose in UP. Now, Congress will probably fight alone in state assembly election.

Rahul Gandhi and Congressmen still hoping Priyanka's miracle in UP.She might be congress CM candidate for assembly election .Congress could have used her in better way in UP. For Priyanka UP election would decide congress and her fate in politics. Gandhi family is already facing huge political crisis. Congress had vanished almost in all states except Kerala in recently concluded polls. Priyanka Gandhi didn't face much criticism for Lok Sabha but if she fails to stand Congress in state assembly it would be difficult for congress to even return further in UP.



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