Battle Of Bengal Getting Violent

Yash Raj
Jun 08, 2019   •  10 views

BJP had won almost half of the LokSabha seats in Bengal after TMC.Still BJP is looking to establish itself in Bengal politics.TMC is trying to strengthen it's roots in Bengal as well. Bengal has emerged as the biggest political battle ground in the country.Assembly election is coming in the state and both the parties don't want to leave any stone untouched in Bengal. BJP Bengal with staggering win in Lok Sabha polls is full of passion and enthusiasm to take party forward in upcoming assembly election in the state. It's a political threat for Mamta in Bengal. Left has already lost its roots in the state. The major fight will be between TMC and BJP in assembly election.

BJP claims their workers have been killed ,so is the case with TMC. There is political violence going on in Bengal. Even after LoK Sabha polls it's not stopping. The situation is quite chaotic in Bengal. We often hear incidents of confrontation between TMC workers and BJP workers in Bengal these days. Political violence is talk of the town. We had seen the statue of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar vandalised in Bengal a couple of days before during Amit Shah roadshow. TMC and BJP alleged each other for the vandalised statue of the icon of Bengal. Communal violence is going on in Bengal.

BJP workers had sent postcards to Mamta Didi on which Jai Shri Ram was written in huge numbers. BJP workers chanted Jai Shri Ram before Mamta.Religious sentiments of people in Bengal have been used for political gain over the months. This is unfortunate that the parties are not refraining to engage in violence against each other. Mamta is a tough leader to beat in Bengal. She has got tremendous support in Bengal. But, BJP with the help of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah trying hard to establish itself. Earlier, in Lok Sabha polls pm Modi conducted huge rallies in kolkata and Bengal.This shows BJP quest to conquer Bengal in upcoming election.BJP has plucked and added many MLAs from TMC in it's favour. BJP top leadership has given all the resources to local leadership in Bengal to fight TMC. The assembly election in Bengal will decide the fate of the state. But, the image of Bengal has been significantly deteriorating due to these political clashes.



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Debnil Paul  •  5y  •  Reply
there is a false binary narrative here, as it totally excludes other important players such as CPIM and INC.