Anti-Hindi Uproar In Tamil Nadu

Yash Raj
Jun 01, 2019   •  23 views

#StopHindiImposition has been trending on twitter. What does this mean? This is a social media movement like #metoo against the new education draft policy of newly formed BJP government. BJP government wants to impose three languages Hindi, English and a regional language to be taught to children in early age.But,the south Indians specially people from Tamil Nadu have started protesting this policy. They told this policy will ruin the unity and integrity of our country and we will become second class citizens. They want there should only be two languages English and a regional. People expressed, it is good to have knowledge of Hindi or any language but government shouldn't impose any language to anyone. We respect Hindi but won't follow when it will be imposed according to new education policy draft 2019 .

Leaders from South India have opposed this policy of divinding India on the linguistic base. Political parties who are with the BJP in NDA have also protested this policy. India being land of pluralism has space for multi-lingual culture but this policy doesn't seem to align with it. Education falls under concurrent list which means centre and state both can make policy and law over it but South Indians will not accept this policy as the social media reactions show.

Language is a part of culture.One shouldn't be imposed Hindi or English against their will. Hindi is not our national language, it's just a language and the BJP should understand this at least.