India is stunned hearing the brutual murder of 2.5 years old girl child in Aligarh. She was missing from her home, found murdered .A local woman saw her dumped on garbage where dogs were snatching her body. Isn't this inhuman?where has the humanity gone? Do we really call ourselves human? It's insane.

According to media reports, She was murdered merely because her father had taken 10000 rupees from the murderers. It's a brutual case .Its a dark spot on humanity. Aligarh police has arrested both the convicts who had accepted their crimes. According to posmortom report, there is no proof of rape or sexual harassment. However, her bones have been fractured in many parts. In fact, her nose bone was broken. Her intestine was found hanging outside. It's shameful to hear such a case that is happening in India.

Police has made special investigation team to investigate the murder in crystal clear way. There is huge uproar across India against the convicts. People want convicts to be punished in same order so that others will take lesson.But ,do we really call ourselves a civilized society? Where has the law and Order gone? If our police law and order can't save a 2.5 years old child from inhuman death then what else we can expect out of the prevailing system?

We talk about developments ,governance etc. But we often fail to provide basic security to people out there. Who is responsible for the death? Of course, one who has murdered her must be punished as per the rules but what about the systematic failure we witnessed in the case.She was found after 3 days. If police had information ,why din't they recover her?

There will be acts and provisions for the punishment but as a human we need to understand where have we reached as a humanitarian societies. This case mirrors us our reality.This is just a sample. Many murders couldn't reach to police station in India. Police doesn't take victims seriously in such situations across India.

The relationship between us and police raise many questions. People fear to go in police station in many places. What we need to do is to provide at least basic security to our citizens, which till now our government and police has failed to implement even after 70 years of Independence.

There are cases which we would have forgotten but that still haunt us as a human. Nirbhaya rape case that had stunned India is one of such case where Humanity didn't prevail. This is even more insane. A child who merely understand,what is money? got murdered for money. Shame. Where have we reached?

Let's again burn some candles out there on the roads across the cities as we used to do in all such cases and forget. This is what actually happens as a change. Media give significant coverage to such protest of people. This is how we evolved as a human.