1)Carry water bottle

Try to carry water bottle wherever and whenever you go outside your home in summer. It enables us to say no to plastic glass. It reduces use of plastic packaged drinking water. We can refill our water bottle easily. It also saves money. You don't need to buy water outside.

2)Use public transport

Using public transport is best way to control air pollution. It reduces air pollution as the number of vechiles on the roads decrease when we do so. It also saves money. Comparatively, public transportation is cheap.

3)Use jute made or clothes made bags for shopping.

Our small habits can create differences. We can save our planet if we just change our small-small habits. Instead of using plastic bags carry your own clothes made or jute made bags. It can be reused for many times. It helps you to Say no to plastic while shopping. It reduces use of plastic.

4)Use renewable sources of energy.

Emery is very necessary for our life. To run fan, for lighting purposes, transportation, cooking etc.We can't imagine life without energy. Sun is the biggest natural source of energy. We must use Solar energy, wind energy and other renewable forms of nature to sustain our nature and planet. We should refrain using fossil fuels. Fossils increases pollution as well.

5)Plant more and more tress.

Planting trees means serving humanity and saving our planet. Trees are necessary for clean air to breathe. It maintains climate change.It causes rain. It makes our life comfortable in all respects. Trees provide us timber, air, fruits, fuels and many more which we can't even imagine.