Got Few More Villages In My Bucket List

Yashasvi Soni
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1.Bled, Slovenia

This a small resort town at the foot of the Julian alps, on the side of Lake Bled, it is originated from glacier. The place has an aesthetic beauty when it comes to views whether it be dawn or dusk, even the night light looks wonderous form this small town. You can go for rafting, kayaking, snowboarding & skiing as the weather suggests.

There is a castle on the cliff which stands tall above the whole town, its 11th century Bled castle which consist of a museum & printing press. At the centre of the Lake is the magnetic Pilgrimage Church.

2.Marsaxlokk, Malta

A southern village of Malta, famous for its traditional boats called ‘Luzzus’ & the enchanting fish markets which are a part of its traditions. The harbour all the time is bursting with colourful boats & warm-hearted merchants.

This south eastern village on Marsaxlokk Bay has picturesque sea site to roam & explore the area. Go & enjoy the St Peter’s Pool, best swimming spots surrounded by natural rocks; Relax here away from the noise of the urban cities. This city as history from 9th century B.C., something which you can ponder on while you visit there. It was also the first landing of the Turkish fleet in 1565.

3.Hallstatt, Austria

An Alpine village situated on the gorgeous lake side of Lake Hallstatt with towering Dachstein Mountains. It is one of the oldest & most photographed village in Austria. When you arrive here just take up a ferry ride across the lake to experience the calm in the atmosphere around.

The village has historic values as well one of the earliest salt mines can be found in this region. Go for exploring museum which dates 7,000 years back in time shows that artefacts from that era.

Enjoy a walk around city square & look at the houses built in mountains; catch a glimpse of landscapes & vitreous lake which showing a mirror image of town.

4.Ortahisar, Turkey

A small town which is surrounded by cities; located almost in the centre is an old-fashioned medieval village with a stone carved castle that stands tall. The locals are very proud of this dominant structure of rock call it as “The Tallest Fairy Chimney in Cappadocia”, its 78 metres tall.

There is a local museum which depicts the life of the people in early ages in Cappadocia; this museum was visited by Queen Sophia in 2011.

While you are here, you must have a meal with drinks in the underground resto bars more like cave bar as the locals will tell you.

5.Oia, Greece

Oia is famous village of Santori. The village on the cliff showing a marvellous view of volcano of Palia, Nea Kameni & the island of Thirassia. The lifestyle here is calm & quite; you will have to walk through the village as vehicles are parked at the entrance itself. As you walk along the narrow streets you will see blue domed churches, open verandas bathed in sunlight, cafes, taverns & other shops.

Oia is a traditional village with a lot of art galleries, Maritime Museum known for its small libraries, Venetian fortress & a small port of Ammoudi to travel to the island of Thirassia.



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