Have you all ever gotten frustrated over your downloads due to lack of speed or sudden download breakdowns or due to the problems faced while downloading multiple items at a stretch??

If your answer is ‘yes’ then you are in the right place. Read the content below completely which is definitely going to help you out.

First of all, if you are still using a browser to download files from the internet then it’s time for you to make a shift as people might laugh at you stating that you live in a stone age yet!! I will help you out providing the top 5 best Download Managers of 2019.

There is no tool without any disadvantages so this will help you with that information too.

1. JDownloader

It is one of the best download managers with advanced options and more helpful to power users. The main benefit is it is an open source, free to use tool also having the highest advantage of the add-free system. It is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

As I already mentioned it supports the multiple download feature and allows the user to start, stop or pause the download. You will need a JRE(Java Runtime Environment) to use it.


  • It completes CAPTCHA’S automatically by providing ‘I’m not a robot’ checks.

  • Powerful and feature-rich app with 300 decryption plugins.

  • Automatic RAR extraction.

  • Feature of scheduler plugin where we can set the time at which we want to download that particular file.

  • Web-based remote control supporting video hosting websites.


  • It contains adware, so beware of fake download buttons.

  • UI is outdated.

2.Free Download Manager

Are you a music or a movie lover? Then you would surely love this tool.

It is also an open source and a free download manager with high download speed as it divides the file into parts and downloads these parts simultaneously. It helps to surf the web without any speed hindrance.

Here, the files are automatically organized. For example, if I download a music file and a game file, automatically these files are sent to their respective folders which saves time.


  • Ample of music and movie tools.

  • Add free download manager.

  • Bandwidth managing feature.

  • It supports torrent files which come in handy most of the time.

  • It is one of the best looking downloaders.

  • Modern and Clean UI.

  • Power scheduling feature- through this option we can check the progress of download from any other internet connected device.

  • Web-based remote control.


  • There are no disadvantages which are to be considered seriously but links tend to work slow at times.

3.Ninja Download Manager

It is a newcomer in the market to the world of downloads. It attracts the user with its modern windows 10 looks. It is one of the super-fast download managers. It allows you to preview your downloads beforehand and ensures that the download is complete from start to end.

Other features include pausing and resuming downloads, scheduling downloads, multiple downloads, queuing downloads, and many more.


  • Multiple file downloads at a stretch without speed hindrance.

  • Elegant UI.

  • Media previews before the complete download of the file which helps you out to check the quality of media and If not satisfied can stop the download by saving time and memory.

  • Supports sequential scheduling

  • Ability to schedule downloads.

  • In-built video downloader which supports apps like YouTube etc.


  • It is a paid download manager which is not for free.

  • It refuses the surfing of media on unpopular websites.

4.Internet Download Manager

It is considered as the most popular download managers among all of them due to its outstanding levels of accuracy. It has another big advantage of auto capturing the downloads at a higher speed, unlike other download managers.

It supports to parse through all the major browsers. Like all other download managers, it also supports the pause and resumes feature as well as the download of multiple files in parallel with faster download speed.


  • It supports proxy servers.

  • It also supports FTP and HTTP protocols.

  • Downloading more than one file simultaneously.

  • Faster download speed.


  • It is a paid download manager

  • The cost is also a bit high.


It is a free download manager with multi-threading feature to speed up the downloads. It is flexible to all the browsers, unlike others which only support a few. The amazing benefit of this tool is that it has a built-in malware checker that helps you download securely.

It protects the file from a virus attack as well as ensures that the file is original and genuine. It works as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer and automatically grabs the download links.


  • Protects from malware using a built-in malware checker.

  • Greater speed downloads

  • Feature of sequential download.

  • Compatible with all browsers.


  • It is free but you need to choose either of the options.

Agree to see ads or to share the bandwidth with others.

  • Also, it is bundled with extra software.

Hence, my list ends here. I hope that you will select one of the above tools that best fit your needs.