The Secret To Achieve Baby-Like Skin Revealed

Winnifred Dmonte
Jun 16, 2019   •  362 views

What’s the first thing comes to your mind when you think about Korean women? Their baby-like skin, right?

Korean women are known for their youthful and glowing skin.

You can fake your age but your skin doesn’t!

Although the Koreans are gifted with good skin, yet they follow a strict skin care regime to maintain their youthful glow.

No wonder! We all crave for baby-like skin that Koreans are blessed with, don’t we?

But, you need to know that achieving a Korean-like skin is not a piece of cake. It requires dedication and efforts.

I’m here with the secrets spilled out by some Korean beauties.

If you’re ready to commit, then stay tuned with me.


The first and foremost is hydration for any skin care routine. Koreans hydrate on water and tea instead of soda. They don’t stress on eight glasses per day instead they grab the water bottle and drink out of need.

Barley tea is very famous among the Koreans. Barley tea is mostly cultivated in Korea & Japan. It is a low calorie drink that can be a delicious alternative to plain water. Click the link for more information – . Barley tea is considered as an excellent agent to detoxify. This tea is relished even after the meal.

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No sun exposure

On your visit to Korea, you may find people walking down the sidewalk with an umbrella. These are typically sun-umbrellas called as parasols. These umbrellas protect them from UV rays. Koreans also use gel-based sunscreens every two hours when they're out in the sun. They also make use of wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses and long sleeves to protect themselves from harmful UV rays.

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Skin care routine

As discussed by some Korean beauties, they follow a four step skin care routine. Their skin care routine includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing and vitamin C serum. They use skin care products that are water and gel based. They choose their skin products wisely. All their skin care products are made with water-based ingredients that are meant for hydration.

Face masks

Koreans have a lot of faith in homemade masks. They apply raw and unfiltered honey every day for enhancing their beauty. This helps in hydrating the skin, making soft and supple and gives healthy and dewy glow on the skin naturally. They also use honey and egg white mask. Another face mask common in Korea is made from silkworm cocoon powder.

To know more about it, read the related article here:

Facial Massages

Korean women regularly do facial exercises which includes repeating “Ma Me Mi Mo Mu”. These helps to strengthen their cheek and lip muscles. They also massage their face by using an oil cleanser in circular motions starting from forehead, cheekbones, cheeks and chin for getting that extra glow.

Here’s how to massage for beginners:

That’s all. We’re done!

Bonus Tip

Always carry a facial mist with you wherever you go. Spraying facial mist on your face will instantly freshen you up and keep your skin hydrated. Avoid drinking and smoking. Get enough sleep. Eat fresh veggies and never miss out fruits rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Follow this religiously to get a healthy and glowing skin.

Nothing comes easily, everything is earned.



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