According to Groves: "The human-dog relationship amounts to a very long lasting symbiosis. Dogs acted as human's alarm systems, trackers, and hunting aides, garbage disposal facilities, hot water bottles, and children's guardians and playmates. Humans provided dogs with food and security. The relationship was stable over 100,000 years or so, and intensified in the Holocene into mutual domestication. Humans domesticated dogs and dogs domesticated humans."

For thousands of years, dogs have a special chemistry with humans. Humans have been spending lavishly on dog's care. John Archer, University of Central Lancashire conducted a detailed study of dog-human relations from an evolutionary perspective, about 40% of owners identify their dog as a family member reflecting social compatibility between our two species. This portrays our relationship with dogs.

Dog ownership brings loads of happy moments as well as bring us to tears. It's an undeniable fact that humans live longer than dogs. Therefore, don't you think it's important for us to know how long our dogs will live?

Average Lifespan Of Dogs

Dr. Kelly M. Cassidy on Dog Longevity lists the lifespan of specific breeds.

Source: The Happy Puppy Site

According to Dr. Kelly M. Cassidy, on average, one can expect a domestic dog to live for around 10-13 years.

Factors That Determine A Canine's Lifespan

We all want our dogs to live longer, don't we? In order to increase the life expectancy of your furry friends, following factors play a major role.

Let's take a look at these factors.

1)Care for Dogs

Lifespan of your dog can depend on how well you care for your dog. It's important for your dog to be active. Regular exercise will help your dog stay healthy and live longer. Nutritious diet and regular checkups at the veterinarian can also result in longer lifespan.

2)Spayed/ Neutered

In order to control the pet population, most of the pet owners get their pets spayed or neutered. This procedure is believed to increase the lifespan of dogs. A new research from the University of Georgia suggests that this procedure could add to the length of their lives and alter the risk of specific causes of death.


Lifespan also depends on the breed of the dog. Inbred dogs are prone to contract breed-specific diseases and conditions. Therefore, inbred dogs are believed to have shorter lifespan. Whereas, cross-breeding is believed to increase the lifespan of the dog as they tend to have the least health problems. Crossbreds' are referred to as "mutts" by the breeders of purebreds.

4)Size of the dog

Size of the dog also determines the lifespan of the dog. Research shows that larger dogs have short lifespan as compared to the smaller dogs.

Longest And Shortest Living Breeds Of Dog

The Lifespan of the dogs mainly depends on the breed. All breeds are not equal. They are not born with the same genes. Some breeds tend to live longer, whereas, some live for a short period of time. We have seen various factors influencing the lifespan of the dog. A research was published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the average age of death for 148 breeds of dog and have determined the breeds of dog with short and long life expectancy.

Ways To Boost Dog's Immunity

A good and strong immune system can help your dog stay healthy and live longer.

What should be done to build a strong immune system in dogs?

1)Right Diet

Choose the right diet for your dog. Both natural and supplementary forms of fish oil is known to improve cardiac health and boost immunity. You should also provide the right minerals, proteins and vitamins necessary to nourish the organs and tissues of your dog. Clean water is also equally important to evacuate the toxins in the body.


Add probiotics to your dog's daily routine. Small doses of probiotics should be given regularly to your dog to boost its immune system. It not only promotes healthy digestion, but also defends from stress and sickness. Make sure to use good quality probiotics and right dosage that suits your dog. Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements are beneficial for improving joint health.

3)Regular Exercise

Regular exercise keeps the dog healthy. Play is very important for dogs. Through play, dogs get immense amount of exercise which helps them stay in shape and healthy. Play not only keeps the dogs physically fit but also emotionally fit.

Tips to increase the lifespan of your dog

1) Brush your dog daily

2) Don't overfeed your dog

3) Provide plenty of exercise

4) Regular checkups

5) Get them neutered

6) Provide good quality food

7) Keeps their teeth clean and healthy.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they do make our lives whole. So, why not make a difference in their lives by not just owning them but caring and loving them as well.

Be the person your dog thinks you are.

Happy Pethood.

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