As we are about to get started, let's make one thing clear, I have never played this game called PUBLIC and no that does not make me "Daddy's Princess" or "5% of the population", it's just I don't play video games.

But lately what I observed, it made me think, these gameservices are so advanced and addictive that once you play it, you get hooked on to it. It is essentially like a drug.

I see my friends and all people of my age playing it everyday , be it in class or in a cafe or wherever, it has completely taken them over.

Just to put in perspective, some of the disadvantages of the game are that the fighting in the game affects your mental health drastically, it completely destroysatisfied your sleep cycle, you become socially inactive, it makes you lazy and most importantly time is money and if you are not using your time wisely you're losing a lot more than just money, you're losing opportunities to become better at life, at your job, your business etc.

This game has no real benefits and instead of wasting time on it, we should try doing some useful and productive work. Instead of video games, we should try to participate in outdoor games such as foot all, basketball etc as they help keep us fit and freshen and activate us and help relax our mind. We should focus on things that will benefit us and help grow our skill level and in that sense, we would be using our time in the right way.



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