Detox: An Addiction Analysis App For Children And Adolescents

May 22, 2019   •  1 view

* "Before you can break out of the Prison, you might realize you are locked up!" Detox is a unique software designed only for Children and adolescents suffering from addiction, it helps the users arrest their addiction type and level.

* Children waste weeks only for going to Rehabs and Identification that's how DETOX helps you out!
* We are Dealing With Gambling, Junk Food, Shopping, Sleeping, Sleeplessness, Foul Language, Television, Gyming, Gaming, Working, Social Media

* This app takes you to the following tabs: Home Page, Questionnaire Tab, Parenting Tab, Communication Tab, Conclusion Tab and Contact Tab.

* “Detox” as the name suggests is the period of time in which one abstains from or gets rid of the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. This software Has Input of a Few MCQ’s containing some points after calculating those you Can Visit Our Conclusion Tab And Analyze Answers!

* After the making our software with the Surveys and Interviews, we can conclude that more than 75% of the Children and adolescents were addicted and out of those 75%, 90% children did not want to accept the fact.

* With every temptation there comes a way to escape!" DETOX is the way, this project for sure can do wonders in the field of Behavioural and Social Science and help Children and Adolescents to Escape from their Addiction.

* This is a Small Initiative taken by us for the betterment of our society and to spread awareness about the same.